Rental Process

Renting from MicRentals.com

MicRentals.com is set up so that anyone can use our site. Browse our selection by brand, microphone type, keyword search, and—get this—you can even search by popular applications. Shoot, if you need even more help give one of our sales reps a call or send us an email to info@micrentals.com and we will be glad to guide you in your selection.

Once you have chosen the gear you want to use, then select the dates you wish to receive it and return it. After reading and accepting our Rental Agreement you can pay for it using our secure online payment system. Your gear is then checked and packed extremely carefully with checklists for each box and each case to make returning it to us a little bit easier.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Standard FedEx shipping to you and from you is on us. So when your rental period is up, follow the checklists and use the labels in your welcome packet to to return your gear. Don't forget to grab a drop-off receipt.


Reserve away! You can schedule a rental up to 6 months in advance. Place it in your cart and select your dates. Your credit card will be charged the day that the order is placed (kind of like a plane ticket). Keep in mind rentals cannot begin or end on a Saturday, Sunday and certain holidays (New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day , July4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas) . Always plan on reserving your gear to arrive the day before if it is critical to have. So if you have rehearsals on a Tuesday, schedule it so it arrives on a Monday. We find that FedEx has been very accurate in their arrival times but sometimes weather or other events can prevent your gear from getting to you. We are highly committed to getting your rental out the door so it arrives on or before the day you reserved it for, but we cannot control what happens from there.

Renting for the First Time (Please Read)

The first time an order is placed under a registered account that order and user (you) is verified. This is to confirm the renter is who they say they are. Your order may be canceled if timely responses aren't made to inquiry emails, calls or texts. A copy of a government issue photo ID may also be required for further confirmation if a certificate of insurance cannot be provided. This may include taking a picture of yourself in order to match your submitted ID. Passports are not accepted. If you are renting on behalf of an organization (church, school, touring / production co) it helps if you use a shipping, billing or email address related to that organization.

Rental Period

Our rental periods are structured for our online customers for a 2 day up to a 28 day rental period. Should you need it longer you may contact us to arrange it. The rental period begins when the first delivery attempt is made OR on the day it was originally ordered to arrive (whichever comes later of course), so please be sure you're there to sign for it on the day it's expected to arrive. We will remind you when the time comes to return your gear so you can focus on what you do best but ultimately it is your responsibility to remember.

For a 3-day rental, if your rental is scheduled to begin on a Friday and delivery is attempted or made, then you are expected to drop off your gear the following Monday before 5:00 PM in your time zone.

Requirements for High Value Rentals

Sometimes a single microphone can cost up to $6,000 to replace or an 8-channel wireless system can be $10,000 to replace. In these cases we may require an insurance certificate (COI) that names MicRentals.com as a loss payee to be produced that covers our equipment's replacement value while in your possession. This protects us and you from paying out of pocket if our gear is lost, stolen or damaged. A security deposit of $1000 - $5000 may be requested if insurance cannot be produced especially if you are not part of a legal entity (LLC, Corp, etc)

Our Gear

Where does your gear come from?

The majority of our inventory at MicRentals.com is purchased brand new directly from the manufacturer. Some items that are older are usually purchased from sites like eBay , Reverb or direct from users like you. If an item becomes unfit for rental or service we sell it to customers just like you before it returns to us or we list it on eBay @micrentals. Before and after each rental we check our gear very thoroughly, checking each mic element, capsule, wireless receiver, and transmitter. Every mic is cleaned and disinfected to ensure the best experience for the next user. Some items may have scratches or scuffs on them but we make sure to never send out gear that we wouldn't want to use ourselves. On occasion we fulfill our orders using gear from affiliate studios or other strategic partners BUT each piece of gear must meet our strict guidelines in functionality and appearance. We do not sub rent equipment from other companies without our customer being aware of it.

What's included with my gear?

This is stated under each item on the site. Most mics have mic clips or shock mounts. Our wireless systems will have power cables, antenna cables, breakout snakes, and more. Everything that came to you needs to come back to us EXCEPT non-rechargeable batteries that we include with wireless products. Please remove those from the case and recycle them.

What do I rent?

Need help figuring out what you need? You can call or text us at anytime at 844-736-3642. Leave a voicemail if you don't get an answer and someone will be notified of your call and prepared to help you when they call you back. You can even email rentals@micrentals.com if it's not an emergency.


Don't kill me, but I damaged the equipment…

If you have not had time to read our rental agreement please take the time to do so now.

It means so much to us to let us know immediately when damage occurs. Our rental agreement binds the renter to pay for replacement or repairs. If it has been damaged beyond repair then we will charge you the cost to replace it with a mic of similar quality. We do not charge lost rental fees as long as you let us know about the damage before you send it back.

What's considered "damage" and "negligence?"

We consider dents, major scratches, cracks, and scuffing to the microphone, receiver, transmitter body, or capsule, to be damage. Minor scratches to mic bodies, especially those that are handheld or body packs, are expected from normal use.

Negligence is using the equipment outside its intended use. Mics aren't meant for juggling, underwater activities, or lying in dirt or sand. When we send our mics out they do not smell like smoke or liquor and are expected to return that way. Excessive tape residue or use of permanent labels on our equipment and other forms of negligence will result in a cleaning fee.

What happens if my equipment is stolen?

As the renter you are responsible if equipment is lost or stolen so do not take it out of the country without our permission or let your crazy uncle or someone you do not know well, borrow it. If you are sub-renting our equipment to someone else YOU are ultimately responsible.

Oh Snap! (When "Stuff" Happens)

Because we have been on the receiving end of bad rentals and logistical mishaps in our careers, we lose sleep when something goes wrong with your order. We do everything in our power to be sure your rental leaves and arrives on time but sometimes things just happen. We guarantee that your package is handed over to FedEx so that it is scheduled to arrive on or before your rental start date. We will notify you of any delays or exceptions and what your options are going forward. Please consider these factors in selecting your rental period and make a backup plan or add buffer time to your rental.

Delay Options

If your package is delayed, especially due to a carrier error, we can offer to extend your rental for the time it was delayed or offer you a refund for the time the rental wasn't used. If your package arrives too late then we will recall it and issue a refund. We can also reroute packages to any FedEx location around the country but this can cause a minimum one day delay. We also have made great use of the commercial airline cargo systems with Southwest, Delta , United and American. Sometimes we offer these options in advance of foreseen inclement weather.

Will my equipment work?

We wish we could guarantee this, but sadly, we can't. We can promise that we will do everything we can to make sure the equipment is working. We inspect our equipment both when it returns from its prior rental, and before it goes out for your rental. We will clean it thoroughly. We will have a minimum of two people check off all the items that should be included in the rental. We will pack it securely. Even with all these precautions, stuff still happens. A box can be jarred during transit hard enough to break something inside the microphone or wireless systems. An internal component we can't check eventually wears out and breaks during your rental. Occasionally, we can even make a mistake and forget to include something, although it is really rare.

We have invested a lot of time and money to be sure that we have the best racks, cases, and packing materials to be sure your gear arrives safe and sound. If your gear arrives and the condition of the outer packaging is questionable please inspect it immediately to see if anything was damaged beyond the double-wall cardboard box and of course, call us if there is any apparent damage to the inner contents. You have no obligation to receive a package that arrives in a questionable condition. If this happens, please call us immediately at 844-736-3642.

My equipment doesn't work…now what?

We are fully committed to making things right. If you are having issues with your equipment call, text, or email us and let us help you confirm the issue. Sometimes issues can be worked out right over the phone. In case an item arrives broken we will send out a replacement if we have it in stock. If the timeframe for the replacement rental is too tight then we will submit a full refund for anything that is not used.

Issues involving incorrect rentals based on equipment or user limitations are not eligible for a full refund but may receive an early return credit.

Billing, Cancellations & Refunds


Security deposits are requested by us on a case by case basis. If you are a church or other organization we make it pretty easy to access our selection.

When do you charge my credit card?

Your card is charged within 24-48 hrs of the day the rental order is placed.

How does MicRentals.com handle cancellations?

From time to time cancellations do happen for various reasons. We are happy to give you a full refund up to the day your rental ships. If your rental gets picked up you will be charged the 3 day minimum for transit as your package is recalled from the carrier.

Can I return a rental early?

Rentals can be returned early for a prorated refund from the time your gear arrived to the time it is dropped off to ship back to us. We check scans from FedEx and UPS to verify the actual drop off time.

Shipping, Return Shipping & Overnight

Ground shipping to you and from you is on us. In order to keep our rental rates low we only use the shipping services provided by FedEx and/or UPS to any street address in the US. Residents are required to change pickup addresses to FedEx office or UPS store locations for your safety. Normally shipments are sent via ground but sometimes there is an emergency and we can overnight a last-minute rental need for an extra charge, but as always, we will pay to ship it back to us. A signature is always required for any of our expedited shipments. When you are not going to be at the location when the gear arrives, it is best to send it to a FedEx Office location that can hold on to it until you can pick it up. Leave a comment on the order if this is something you would like to do. Your request will be confirmed.

We only ship to the 50 U.S. States (yes even AK and HI). We do not ship to P.O. boxes, APO, or FPOs.

We are also able to place a hold for pickup at any FedEx / UPS location. Just let us know before checkout.

Return shipping labels are included in a packet in your box. Please be sure to pack everything up in the box and tape it shut. Place each return label over the old label. Any item not returned as it arrived, you will be responsible for shipping back to us.

In some cases your rental is going to need Express shipping rather than our standard shipping method to get to you on time. If you have not already paid for expedited services than you have nothing to worry about. We cover the cost as long as you rental was placed within 3 business days of returning to us.

What is the latest time I can get my order in?

We receive orders until 3:30 PM CST. Orders placed close to closing time may need verification via email, phone, or text, so please keep an eye out for a call from us. Order invoices that require "last minute" arrangement through a sales rep must be paid in full before they are shipped. You can also text us 844-736-3642 if its after our cutoff time and we might be able to squeeze it out.

Late Returns vs. Extensions

All extensions must be approved by us before 5:00 PM of the day your rental needs to be dropped off at FedEx. We just want to be sure that your extension is not going to cut into another reserved rental period before we agree to it. Your extension is going to be calculated at the rate of your existing rental. So if you have a 7-day rental for $70.00, each additional day will cost $10.00. Late fees, on the other hand, occur when your rental is returned late. Daily late fees are calculated based on 25% of a 7 day rental rate and will automatically be charged to the card on file. These are usually noted on your sales receipt inside your info packet.

Rental Period

Your rental period begins on the day you requested your gear to arrive when you checked out at MicRentals.com. If your order for some reason arrives later than expected, your rental period will be adjusted accordingly to avoid any late fees. Rental periods cannot be selected to begin on Saturday or Sunday. Rental periods can end on Saturday or Sunday. Just ship it back the following Monday. In order to avoid any unnecessary late fees, please drop off your gear at an authorized FedEx/UPS location location (such as FedEx Office) and obtain a receipt. Residential recipients receive ground shipments via FedEx Home which delivers Tuesday thru Saturday. If your order start date begins on a Monday then we will call to either move your rental date to begin on Tuesday or get your permission to switch the shipping service to UPS or USPS.

Cancellations, Extensions & Late Fees

We know that sometimes your event, gig, or session may get canceled or postponed due to reasons beyond your control, or you may just flat out change your mind and that's OK. We just ask that you tell us before your item has shipped so we can issue a refund or credit. (See cancellation policy). Orders paid by check receive a check within 5-7 business days, orders placed by card will receive a refund on the card used within 3-5 business days.

Sometimes a session may take longer than planned or you know you are not going to be able to return your gear on time. We just ask that you contact us the day before your rental is due to ship back to request a rental extension. This is normally a prorated extension rate unlike a late fee, but we have to approve it in advance.

Do you remember Blockbuster Video? I'm surprised they didn't stay in business due to all the late fees we racked up with them. Anyway, that's not how we want to do our business with you. We do everything in our power to remind you to return your gear. Late fees are not extension rates and can add up very quickly. Most of the time another customer has reserved a rental within days of yours, so the late fees help us recover costs associated with getting the gear back and out to the next customer as fast as possible. So if you think you're going to be late, hit us up and ask for an affordable rental extension.

Have a question?

We're always here to help! Whether you need a mic recommendation, have a question about our rental policies, or just want to say hello, you can always get in touch with us!

For non-urgent requests, the best way to contact us is our contact form. We typically reply quickly via email.

For more pressing issues, you can call us directly at 844-736-3642. We also accept text messages at this number.