Earthworks SR40

SR40 Overview

The SR40’s near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, ensuring more gain before feedback and virtually eliminating phasing issues when using multiple microphones. The extended frequency response from 20Hz – 40kHz reproduces sound with more depth and accuracy, especially for those instruments that include more high frequency overtones. It handles transients with ease, reproducing every detail no matter how sharp or subtle. Capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 139dB without distortion, the SR40 can handle nearly any instrument. Its clean on-axis response provides maximum articulation up to 90 degrees off-axis, while rejecting off-axis noise and feedback from ambiance, surrounding instruments and nearby stage monitors thanks to its more than 30dB of rear rejection. This multi-purpose microphone is equally at home miking acoustic guitar, brass, woodwinds, drums, guitar amp, vocals and more. - EarthworksAudio.Com


Type Condenser
Pickup Pattern Hyper Cardioid
Frequency Range 50Hz - 40kHz
Max SPL 145dB

What’s Included

1 × Earthworks SR40 Microphone
1 × Mic Clip

$67.00 for 3 days

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