Sennheiser MMD 945 Capsule

MMD 945 Capsule Overview

This is the capsule version of the Sennheiser 945 handheld vocal microphone. This is a dynamic capsule made for the Sennheiser EW/2000/6000 series of wireless handhelds.  Because it is a dynamic capsule we are also able to fit these to Shure wireless using adapters from Ambient.  The 945 overall has a smooth frequency response and utilizes a super cardioid pickup pattern making it a very stage friendly mic. It also has a higher frequency range than most dynamic mics.


Type Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Super Cardioid
Frequency range 20 - 18000 Hz

What’s Included

1 × Sennheiser MMD 945

$30.00 for 3 days

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