Earthworks ICON Pro

ICON Pro Overview

This is Earthworks first crack at a mic in the Podcasting category and boy did they nail it.  Normally condenser's are so room sensitive you have to record in your closet or treat your room. The other option is to sacrifice clarity by using a dynamic mic with a low output gain just find out it's not as good as you thought.  Once you try the ICON you'll have a hard time going back to creating content the way you did before.  These mic has a wide frequency range, decent dynamic range and a cardioid pickup pattern with a very quiet off axis. Note: No in-line preamp needed.


Type Condenser
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 20Hz – 30kHz
Max SPL 139dB SPL

What’s Included

1 × Earthworks ICON Pro Microphone
1 × Triad Orbit M2-R Mount

$67.00 for 3 days

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