Radial PZ-DI Piezo DI

PZ-DI Piezo Optimized Active Direct Box Overview

Upon first look, the Radial PZ-DI appears to be similar to most other direct boxes. This is true. You can use the PZ-DI just as you would a Radial J48 or one of our other direct boxes. Where it differs is that it has been optimized for use with piezo-electric pickups as these are the most problematic of all. A three position load switch lets you match the PZ-DI’s input with the type of pickup you are using. This eliminates the peaks, squawk and limited bandwidth of the transducer for a more natural sound. Since the PZ-DI will likely be used on acoustic or orchestral instruments, we have also enhanced the control set to enable you to precisely control the low end, warm up the top end and help eliminate feedback due to hot spots on stage. 


Type Active Direct Box
Transformer Yes
Pad -15 dB
Input 1/4, Thru
Output XLR

What’s Included

1 × Radial PZ-DI Active Direct Box 


$27.00 for 3 days

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