Heil PR30

PR30 Overview

"The HEIL PR 30 microphone steps up the professional audio game by adding a hum bucking coil in addition to the shock-mounted large 1.5″ low mass diaphragm to virtually run noise-free in most any situation. When working in close proximity to PC monitors in the studio, or near neon lights, or other electrical sources on stage, the PR 30 is the microphone to use for quiet, flawless operation on drums, guitar cabinets and vocals.The PR 30 is often compared to high priced ribbon microphones for its wide frequency response and immaculate sound quality. The difference is the PR 30 is able to withstand sound pressure levels that would decimate ribbon microphones. The PR 30 is perfect as a guitar and amplifier cabinet microphone, as well as for drums, but it is also right at home as a vocal microphone, thanks to its internal passive filtering and uniquely designed screen, which virtually eliminates popping and sibilance during up-close vocals. The versatility and quality built into the PR 30 make it the choice of some of the top professional musicians, producers, and broadcasters in today’s world." - Heilsound.Com


Type Dynamic
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range 40 Hz - 18 kHz

What’s Included

1 × Heil PR30 Microphone
1 × Metal Mic Holder

$50.50 for 3 days

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