Earthworks DK7 Drum Mic Kit

Earthworks Full Drum Mic Kit

The Earthworks DK7 Drum Kit System is 7 microphone kit comprised of 4 DM20 precision engineered cardioid condenser microphones designed for close miking toms and snare, plus 2 SR25 cardioids for miking overheads, and 1 specially engineered SR20LS (low sensitivity) for kick drum that can be deployed in both live performance and studio recording environments.


Whether onstage or in the studio, the DK7 captures a drum sound that is larger than life. Onstage the DK7 delivers sound so detailed and natural that the sound coming out of the PA sounds like the drummer is right in front of you. For recording, it will reproduce your drum kit with incredible detail and pristine sound, faithfully reproducing its true character.

Its near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, virtually eliminating phasing issues and ensuring more gain before feedback. The DK7 transient response is lightning fast, handling sharp attacks with ease, while still picking up all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of your playing. Even the loudest drummer cannot overload the DK7 DrumMic™, which can handle high sound pressure levels.


Earthworks SR20 LS For Kick Drums
Earthworks DM20 For Toms & Snare
Earthworks SR25 For Overheads / Cymbals

What’s Included

4 × Earthworks DM20
2 × Earthworks SR25
1 × Earthworks SR20 LS
4 × Clamps for DM20
3 × Mic Clips

$342.00 for 3 days

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