Soyuz SU-023

Wired Microphone

The Bomblet

We were introduced to the newest member of the Soyuz family, the SU-023, aka The Bomblet at NAMM 2018. The Bomblet is a unique large diaphragm condenser microphone that, like all of the Soyuz mics, is 100% handmade at our facility in Russia. It features a rare Soviet era triple back plate capsule, a proprietary toroidal transformer, a beautiful wooden box and a custom mounting ring. "The sound and build quality of The Bomblet is unmatched by any microphone in its class. " - Soyuz

In general the Bomblet is a side address condenser mic with a fixed cardioid pickup pattern and frequency range of 30Hz - 18kHz. This is a must try on studio vocals, singing and voice overs but while you're at it, take a listen to these on a guitar amp.


Type Condenser
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range 30 Hz – 18 kHz
Max SPL 140 dB

What’s Included

1 × Soyuz SU-023
1 × Cardioid Capsule
1 × -20 dB pad
1 × Mic Clip

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