Shure QLXD24 Beta58A H50

This is a pre configured system for Shure's QLX-D line of wireless. For each quantity added to your cart you receive a stand alone receiver, a handheld transmitter with a Beta58A capsule, mic clip, 2 antenna and a power supply.

Renting this configuration has some unique purposes. The more popular uses are for small live events, weddings, etc ... where the mic is going to be used 50-75 ft from the receiver.

The QLX-D line of wireless is Shure’s high end wireless in a more affordable package. In short it’s pretty sick and setting them up is a synch!

About the Beta58A Capsule

Based on the legendary SM58 the Shure Beta 58A is also a dynamic microphone capsule that uses a super cardioid pickup pattern for better rejection from 120˚. It also has a higher output, less handling noise, wider frequency response range (50Hz – 16kHz) and hey it looks cooler. It is just as tough as the original 58. An ideal use for this mic is when floor wedges are used on the angle mentioned above. If you have ever seen John Mayer live he is usually singing into this same capsule.


Type Wireless, Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Super Cardioid
Frequency Range 50Hz-16kHz
Wireless Frequency 534.00-598.00 Mhz

What’s Included

1 × QLXD2 Handheld Transmitter
1 × Beta58A Capsule
1 × QLXD4 Receiver
1 × Mic Clip
2 × Antenna
1 × Power Supply

$128.00 for 3 days

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