Shure QLXD Wireless (Custom)

Custom Configured Wireless Mic System

Sometimes a more sophisticated wireless microphone system is necessary to your situation. We understand that these can be the most critical so in order for us to get everything right the first time please contact us about your needs by calling 844-736-3642 or by emailing

Options for the QLX-D systems

We have numerous types of capsules available for the QLXD2 handheld transmitters. We also have different options for the QLXD1 body pack transmitter such as headset mics, lavs and instrument mics.


Type Wireless
Wireless Frequency 534.00-598.00 Mhz

What’s Included

1-4 × QLXD1 or QLXD2 Transmitters
1-4 × QLXD4 Receiver
1 × RF Venue D Fin Antenna
1 × RF Venue Distro 4 Power Supply
1 × 10' 4 Channel Whirlwind XLR Snake
2 × 25' RG8x Antenna Cable
1 × Power Con - Edison Cable

Available by request

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