Shure KSM44A

Wired Microphone

The Shure KSM44A is a large diaphragm condenser with multiple pickup patterns; cardioid, omni-directional and bi-directional. A great frequency range (20Hz – 20 kHz) with Max SPL at 152 dB. Makes for a premium all purpose studio mic but we have seen it make it’s way on stage placed in front of guitar amps and overheads on drums. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) uses the KSM44A at his home studio for recording vocals. Highly recommended for face melting vocals.


Type Condenser
Pickup pattern Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Dynamic range 152 dB

What’s Included

1 × Shure KSM44A Microphone
1 × A44ASM Shockmount

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