Shure Axient™ Wireless (Custom)

Wireless Microphone System

2020 New Arrival

The demand for RF has never been so high for bandwidth flexibility and so have the requests for Axient. We are happy to say we are now fulfilling Axient rentals for our nationwide customer base. For each rental order you will receive 1 AD4D dual channel receiver, 1 AD1 body pack transmitter, 1 AD2 handheld receiver (B58) capsule, IEC power cable, XLR cables, ethernet cable and 2 - 1/2 wave omni antenna. Please email us if you require more than 4 channels of Axient, a configuration to have antenna distribution and/or remote antennas or you need a specific amount of handhelds vs packs.

Once your order has been placed we will always reach out to be sure that we got everything before it is sent out. Capsule substitutions can be rented at the same time or requested in a quote via email.

About Axient Digital

Axient Digital offers dual and quad receiver options that open the door to a full range of features, from high-performance RF to transparent digital audio.

The AD4D Two-Channel Digital Receiver sets a new standard in spectral efficiency. Groundbreaking performance features include wide tuning, low latency, and High Density (HD) mode, ensuring solid performance in the most challenging RF environments. Networked control and signal routing options bring a new level of management and flexibility to your entire workflow.


Frequency 470 – 636 MHz

What’s Included

1 × AD4D (Stand Alone Transmitter)
1 × AD1 (Bodypack Receiver)
1 × AD2 (Handheld Receiver)
1 × Shure B58 Capsule
2 × 1/2 Wave Wave Antenna
1 × IEC Power Cable
1 × Ethernet Cable

Available by request

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