sE V7 MC2 Capsule

Capsule for Sennheiser Wireless Handhelds

Solve A Lot Of Problems (for Sennheiser users)

We were first introduced to the sE V7 at NAMM 2017 and it is finally a part of our inventory. We are so happy to know that they have a capsule for the same amazing dynamic mic !! This capsules utilizes a super cardioid pickup pattern to maximize gain before feedback and an astounding 40Hz-19kHz frequency range. You will not be disappointed in the price for the quality sound of this mic. The response on this guy is very well-rounded. Gosh we can't say enough. It also has a killer suspension and internal windscreen that makes it a must use for a lot of live outdoor performances. Used by FOH guru's Ken "Pooch" Van Druten (Linkin Park, Jay-Z) and Andy Meyer (Justin Timberlake).


Type Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Super Cardioid
Frequency Response 40 Hz - 19 kHz

What’s Included

1 × sE V7 MC2 Capsule

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