Radial SB-2 Passive DI

Direct Box

The StageBug™

We don't like it just because it's green. The SB2 has been a quick compact and quality solution for a lot of our local rental customers and we wanted to make it available to our online audience. We don't think you'll find a better DI in a smaller package than this. Equipped with 1/4" inputs that auto merge when you connect a stereo input device like a keyboard. This DI is best used with active instruments such active bass, acoustic guitars and other devices that produce high output levels.


Type Passive
Transformer Eclipse ET-DB3
Pad -15dB
Input 1/4"
Output Single XLR (Summed Mono)

What’s Included

1 × StageBug™ 2 Passive

$15.00 for 3 days

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