Mojave MA-D

Wired Microphone

Mojave's 1st Dynamic Mic

After years of intensive research, Mojave has finally designed a dynamic microphone that they could put their name on. Designed by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer.  While there are many well-known dynamic mics on the market, most of which are known for their “presence peak”, Mojave set out to design the Smooth Alternative. The MA-D delivers a full frequency response without the harshness common to most common dynamics, creating the richness and musicality we set out to capture. Designed initially to be a hand-held microphone for vocalists, the MA-D does double duty on all types of instruments.


Type Dynamic
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range


Max SPL >160dB @ 1 kiloHz

What’s Included

1 × Mojave MA-D
1 × Mic Clip

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