Mojave MA-100SP

Wired Microphones

"Like Having an SM57 on Steroids" - Mojave Audio

The matched pair of Mojave MA-100's are not your typical small diaphragm condenser with a 20-20kHz frequency range. From what we gather, the MA-100SP comes with a tube power supply with such a intelligent design that it allows for use on instruments with higher SPL output. So go ahead and mic that snare and guitar amp. With an SPL rating of 130db that shouldn't be a problem. The MA100's also have interchangeable cardioid and omni directional capsules both with unique frequency responses. So try it on choirs, stereo XY, guitar amps, drums, orchestras, or pianos. You will not feel like you made a bad decision.


Type Condenser (Tube)
Pickup pattern Cardioid, Omni
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Max SPL 130 dB

What’s Included

2 × Mojave MA-100SP
2 × Mic Clips
1 × Stereo Bar
2 × 5 Pin Mic Cables
1 × Vacuum Tube Power Supply
1 × Power Cable

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