Heil RC35 Capsule

RC35 Capsule Overview

The Heil RC35 capsule is based upon the exact same build as the Heil PR35 wired mic. It is still a very well built dynamic cardioid mic. Not a lot of handhelds have hum bucking coils in them to reduce noise or offer superior off axis rejection as a part of its cardioid pickup pattern. Its frequency response is 40Hz to 18kHz and has an SPL rating of 140 dB. The RC 35 has excellent articulation & a natural upper mid-range along with a smooth flat response throughout. You will be hard-pressed to experience overload or feedback with an RC 35. The RC35 adds a low-cut roll off switch, allowing you to prevent low end feedback loops from ever getting started. The RC35 capsule is made to be used with Shure wireless microphones. Our customers love to use the Heil RC35 capsules for live outdoor performances.


Type Wireless, Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 40Hz-18kHz
Max SPL 140 dB

What’s Included

1 × Heil RC35 (Capsule Only)

$40.80 for 5 days

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