Heil RC22 Capsule

Capsule for Shure Wireless Handhelds

The Capsule Version of the PR22

"The Heil RC 22 is a replacement microphone capsule for wireless transmitters and uses the same internal elements as the PR 22. The RC 22 gives you all the great mids and highs, great articulation, high rejection of side and rear noise via the large diaphragm, phasing plug placement, and the patent-pending ISO BAND™ shock-mount prevents handling noise from getting in the way.

The RC 22 lets you upgrade your transmitter (almost all popular brands*) to the PR 22 sound and reliability with wireless freedom. Let your ears be the judge, the RC 22 will provide all the proof you need. Turning your wireless transmitter into a world-class microphone is just a few turns of a screw away.

The RC 22 capsule is compatible with all Lectrosonics, and Line 6 models that have removable capsules. It is compatible with most Shure Wireless with removable capsules, except it will not work with the ULX systems. It is also compatible with the Audix H60 utilizing the included spacer ring.

Included with your RC capsule is a 2mm spacer ring. You might or might not need this depending on your wireless system. Some newer wireless systems have shallower threads on the wireless stick compared to other systems. These shallower connections could result in damage to the connector base of your RC capsule if it is screwed down too far. To protect your RC capsule, we recommend using the included spacer ring first with any wireless system. If you then find that you are not getting proper connectivity between the capsule and the stick, simply remove the ring to provide proper connectivity. In addition, in order to prolong the life of your capsule’s connector base, we recommend against frequent and repeated exchanging of the capsule in your wireless stick, regardless of whether or not you use the spacer ring." -HeilSound.Com


Type Wireless, Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 50Hz – 18kHz
Max SPL 145 dB

What’s Included

1 × Heil RC22 Capsule

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