Fulcrum Immersive Choirflex

Choirflex Overview

Choirflex is a digital signal processor that intelligently learns your venue’s acoustical environment and provides processed choir audio that results in much greater gain before feedback and increased clarity. Providing sound reinforcement for choir can be one of the most difficult tasks in live audio.

Achieving sufficient gain-before-feedback, minimizing stage-to-microphone leakage, and getting the choir “on top of the mix” with clarity are classic challenges that prove difficult to overcome.

Choir reinforcement typically makes use of condenser microphones covering large groups, and is therefore subject to excessive room reverberation, PA system effects, and feedback. The common result is a deteriorated choir mix that is prone to electroacoustic feedback and suffers from poor intelligibility.

Good microphone placement and console equalization can help, but are quite often not enough, and these “solutions” often deteriorate musicality and overall tonality.

Choirflex is a proprietary, adaptive digital audio processor designed to increase the clarity and stability of choir mixes and greatly reduce feedback while maintaining the natural sonic qualities of the choir.

In combination with its use in sound reinforcement, Choirflex is equally effective for sending processed choir
sounds to broadcast and recording mixes. - Fulcrum Immersive


Power Supply Internal 100V-240V, 6.5A-3.5A at 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 450W
Audio Input 4 channels of Dante™ network audio (48kHz only)
Audio Output 4 channels of Dante™ network audio (48kHz only)
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Network 1000/100 Mbps ethernet for Dante™ and Control, 1000/100 Mbps ethernet for optional Control

What’s Included

1 × Choirflex
1 × Power Supply

$477.00 for 3 days

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