Audix D6

D6 Overview

Discover the versatility of the D6 dynamic instrument microphone, perfect for stage, studio, and broadcast applications. Featuring a cardioid pickup pattern for superior isolation and feedback control, the D6 drum mic ensures natural, accurate sound reproduction with its VLM™ diaphragm. Lightweight, compact, and easy to position, the D6 is an ideal choice for instruments needing extended low-frequency reproduction, like kick drums, large toms, and bass cabinets. Its transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output ensure interference-free performance. Elevate your kick sound with the professional-grade quality of the D6 dynamic instrument microphone.


Type Dynamic
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range 30 Hz – 15 kHz

What’s Included

1 × Audix D6 Microphone
1 × DCLIP Mic Clip

$32.00 for 3 days

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