Audio-Technica 2005 USB

AT2005 USB Overview

Experience versatility with Audio-Technica's AT2005USB microphone, bridging the gap between stage and studio. This rugged handheld mic features both USB and XLR outputs, seamlessly transitioning from digital recording to live performances. Plug directly into your computer's USB port and integrate with your preferred recording software. With a quality analog-to-digital converter and headphone output for monitoring, enjoy excellent fidelity and control. Its cardioid polar pattern minimizes unwanted noise, making it perfect for live performances, podcasting, home studio recording, zoom meetings, and voiceovers.


Type Dynamic
Pickup pattern Cardioid
Frequency range 50-15,000 Hz
Power Requirements USB Power (5V DC)
Bit Depth 16 bit

What’s Included

1 × Audio Technica AT2005USB Microphone
1 × Stand Clamp
1 × Tripod Desk Stand
1 × Mini USB Cable

$26.40 for 5 days

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