AKG Premium Drum Mic Kit

Premium Drum Mic Kit Overview

Elevate your drum sound with the Drum Set Premium reference drum microphone set, meticulously hand-selected for touring, live, and studio applications. Housed in a rugged metal carry case, this collection of top-tier AKG microphones ensures both exceptional sound capture and secure transportation. Handpicked in Vienna, Austria, the set includes 8 world-class microphones: 1 D12 VR dynamic bass drum mic, 1 matched pair of C214 condenser mics for overheads, 1 C451 B condenser mic for Hi-Hat, and 4 D40 dynamic instrument mics for snare and toms. Rent a professional-grade drum mic setup with the AKG Premium Drum Mic Kit.

What’s Included

1 × AKG D12 VR for Kick Drum
1 × AKG C451B for Hi Hat
4 × AKG D40 for Snare & Toms
2 × AKG C214 for Overheads
4 × K&M Mic Clips for D40's
1 × SA60 Mic Clip for C451B
2 × H85 Universal Shockmount for C214

$154.00 for 3 days

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