AKG Premium Drum Mic Kit

Not Just for Drums Mics Kit

What better way to record your whole drum kit than with the AKG Premium Drum Mic Kit. But why stop there? When finished recording the drums you can use the (2) AKG C214 to mic guitar amps and vocals, the (4) D40’s can handle percussion, the D12 VR can be used for the bass amp and the C451 B can be used to mic an acoustic. In one rental you’ve just recorded your demo, EP or pre production to your full length record.


AKG D12 VR For Kick Drums
AKG D40 For Toms & Snare
AKG C451B For HiHat
AKG C214 For Overheads

What’s Included

1 × AKG D12 VR
1 × AKG C451B
4 × AKG D40
2 × AKG C214
4 × K&M Mic Clips for D40's
1 × SA60 Mic Clip for C451B
2 × H85 Universal Shockmount for C214

$154.00 for 3 days

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