C414 XLS Overview

Unlock unparalleled versatility with the AKG C414 XLS multi-pattern condenser microphone, featuring nine polar patterns for optimal sonic capture in any scenario. Easily monitor overload peaks with the peak hold LED, while controls can be disabled for hassle-free live sound and permanent installations. Maintaining the sonic character of the legendary C414 B-ULS, the C414 XLS delivers highest linearity and neutral sound, making it the most versatile large-diaphragm microphone for decades. Elevate your capture with the exceptional quality and reliability of the AKG C414 XLS.


Type Condenser
Pickup pattern Wide Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Hypercardioid, Bi-Directional, Cardioid
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Max SPL 158 dB
Lo Cut Filter 160Hz, 80Hz, 40 Hz
Preattenuation Pad -6 dB, -12 db, -18 dB

What’s Included

1 × AKG C414 XLS Microphone
1 × W414 Windscreen
1 × H85 Universal Shock Mount

$118.00 for 3 days

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