sE VR1

2022 New Arrival The sE VR 1 is a passive ribbon microphone so phantom power +48v is not needed but it is “phantom protected” so if you have it on, that’s OK.  Like all ribbons the VR1 utilizes a figure 8 or bi directional pick up pattern.  The VR series is known for their brighter […]

Royer SF-12

A Stereo Ribbon That Makes the Cut The SF-12 stereo coincident ribbon microphone combines high quality audio performance with outstanding stereo separation and imaging. It is a modern ribbon design with no audible diffraction effects or cavity resonance. An SF-12 is actually two matched ribbon microphones placed one above the other; each aimed 45 degrees […]

Durham MKII Mic Booster Preamp

Very Clean In Line PreAmp Cathedral Pipes took the circuit out of their active Ribbon microphone “The Seville” and basically put it in a box. The result was an active microphone booster that can provide any dynamic or passive ribbon microphone with 20dB of nice clean gain. Very clean sounding pre amp. . Specs Type […]

Royer dBooster

Boost Me Baby The long awaited in line pre amp from Royer labs is finally here.  In line pre’s are an essential part to recording with a lot of low output gain dynamic and ribbon mics.  ” The dBooster has two gain settings, 12 dB and 20 dB, allowing you to dial in just the […]

Radial McBoost

Boost Your Signal At the Source The Radial McBoost is a in line pre amp designed for use with dynamic & ribbon mics that tend to have a lower output gain. The McBoost has some features not usually offered on in line pres.  It’s the first to offer gain control, load selection and output level. […]