VenueFlex ChoirFlex 2

Choirflex is a digital signal processor that intelligently learns your venue’s acoustical environment and provides processed choir audio that results in much greater gain before feedback and increased clarity.

Beyerdynamic M 160

Double-Ribbon All The Way! The Beyerdynamic M 160 is an interesting player in the ribbon market. It’s double-ribbon design it offers better off-axis rejection with a hypercardioid pattern, this also provides deeper reach when used on drums and even as a choir mic. And of course as a ribbon plays well on guitar amps. Specs […]

Earthworks FW730/C FlexWand

These Should Be Called the “Magic” Wand When you do not want to compromise appearance for sound quality, the FW730 FlexWand™ provides the best of both worlds. Combining a 30kHz cardioid microphone, low profile microphone stand and boom as a single freestanding unit, the FW730 delivers a low profile and flexible miking solution for choirs […]

Earthworks P30/C

The Earthworks P30/C Periscope is an instrument gooseneck microphone designed for live performance and studio recording environments. Designed to provide an ultra flexible miking option, the P30/C is ideal for a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments, as well as orchestra and choir. Thanks to its flexible gooseneck, the P30/C provides extra simplicity when […]

Mojave MA-100SP

“Like Having an SM57 on Steroids” – Mojave Audio The matched pair of Mojave MA-100’s are not your typical small diaphragm condenser with a 20-20kHz frequency range. From what we gather, the MA-100SP comes with a tube power supply with such a intelligent design that it allows for use on instruments with higher SPL output. […]