Shure SM35 Headset

SM35 Overview

The SM35 Performance Headset Condenser Microphone gives multi-instrumentalists the freedom to express themselves without sacrificing sound quality. A tight, unidirectional cardioid polar pattern provides excellent rejection of off-axis sound sources to prevent feedback and signal bleed onstage, whether in use in small clubs, large installations, or arena tours. Although not the most aesthetically  pleasing headset microphone , it rivals all headsets in terms of reliability and resembles the sound of a handheld wired mic. Compatible with all Shure wireless systems that utilize the TA4F connection.  We get requests for this mic for artists that need to be mobile while playing an instrument.



Type Condenser
Pickup pattern Cardiod
Frequency range 50 Hz - 16 kHz
Max SPL 153.0 dB

What’s Included

1 × Shure SM35 Headset

$24.00 for 3 days

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