Shure PSM900 (Dual Mono)

Wireless In Ear Monitor (IEM)

Solid Choice for Wireless IEM Needs

When renting wireless mics it only make sense to grab some in ear monitors (IEM) for your performance. Front of house engineers love not having to fight a loud stage and can get way more gain before feedback from mics.

This is a pre configured system for Shure's PSM900 wireless in ear monitors (IEM). For each quantity added to your cart you receive a stand alone transmitter, 2 receiver packs, antenna and power supply.

This system is ideal for sending two separate mixed to two different pack receivers. It is recommended for use where the transmitter is going to be placed between 50' and 75' from where the receivers will be used during a performance.

About the PSM900's

If you are use to using Shure branded wireless products then you'll find that the user interfaces on the components of the PSM900 to be very intuitive and even user friendly if its your first experience with Shure. The PSM900 is the most requested wireless IEM from production companies and church productions nationwide (MicRentals.Com) and rightly so. Some of these features are:

• Enhanced digital encoder - uses UHF-R standard of audio transmission (near wired sound quality) • 36 Mhz of tuning bandwidth • Precision Front End Filtering - Detects drop out before they happen • Detachable aerial antenna - quick replacement and repair • Active RF Gain • RF Scan and IR Sync - setup a single transmitter or a group of 20 in minutes • Cue Mode - allows engineer to monitor up to 20 mixes from a single pack.

These Shure IEM's operate in the 470.125 – 505.825 MHz range.

Contact us if you require a custom configuration which includes RF Venue power and antenna combination.


Frequency 470.125 – 505.825 MHz

What’s Included

1 × P9T (Stand Alone Transmitter)
2 × P9RA (Body Pack Receiver)
1 × 1/2 Wave Antenna
1 × Power Supply

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