sE V Pack Venue

The Smaller Drum Mic Kit

The sE V Pack Venue is made for miking complete drum kits. This kit contains the V Beat mic for toms and snare, the innovative V Kick for Kick drums and the V7x for snare.  This kit is designed for a 2-3 piece drum kit but can be used for other percussion instruments as well , or any other instrument for that matter.  All mic come contained in a custom made case ready to go with mic clips and clamps for easy and fast application.


V Kick For Kick Drums
V Beat For Toms & Snare
V7X For HiHat

What’s Included

1 × V7x
1 × V Kick
2 × V Beat
2 × V Clamps
1 × V7x Mic Clip

$111.00 for 3 days

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