Radial SB-5 Passive Stereo DI

Direct Box

The StageBug™ For Laptops

Have you ever noticed how inconvenient it is to connect your laptop or iPad to a PA? Or once you found all the right adapters you got the hum of a life time no matter which position the ground lift was in?

Well the SB5 StageBug™ for laptops is the best solution that we have been offering our local rental customer and we've decided to make available to our online guests. Forget finding cables and adapters, the SB5 has built in 5' 1/8" stereo male plug for your consumer electronics. It also offers the options to sum the channels via a single XLR or stay stereo via 1/4" out. We use these to test our wireless IEM rentals before they go out all the time.


Type Passive
Transformer Yes
Pad -15 dB
Input 1/8" Male (Up to 5' long)
Output Single XLR (Summed Mono) or 1/4" Stereo Out

What’s Included

1 × StageBug™ 5 Laptop DI

$15.00 for 3 days

Free ground shipping!