Heil Mic Shootout Kit

3 Wired Mics and an Interface

What's the Best Heil ? You Tell Us !

Oooooh snap ! Here it is. After being just an idea thought up by us and the folks at Heil we are so proud to bring you a way to experience 3 mics worthy of a shootout for a spot in your mic locker or the next mic for your podcast . We've even included a Focusrite Clarett interface for you to play with so you can record the results straight to your Mac or PC. This kit includes the PR40, PR30 and PR781. Each of these Heil mics are of course dynamic mics that utilize a cardioid pickup pattern for max gain before feedback. Each mic slightly differs in frequency response that only you will be able to decide which one is best for YOUR voice. And when you do decide use 50% of your rental to get credits towards the purchase of your OWN mic.


Type Dynamic (All)
Pickup pattern Cardioid (All)
Frequency range (PR40) 28 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency range (PR30) 40 Hz - 18 kHz
Frequency range (PR781) 50 Hz - 16 kHz

What’s Included

1 × Heil PR40 Microphone
1 × Heil PR30 Microphone
1 × Heil PR781 Microphone
3 × Metal Mic Holder
1 × Focusrite Clarett

$109.30 for 3 days

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