Earthworks M30 Matched Pair

Wired Microphones

The Standard In Measurement Mics

Earthworks has been the standard in the audio industry for measurement mics for as long as we know. The most popular amongst those is the M30. The M30 is a condenser mic that utilizes a near perfect omni pickup pattern, a mind blowing frequency response of 5Hz-30kHz and an SPL rating of 140dB. Not only does this make this mic ideal for using with an RTA like SMAART but as a matched pair they are great for room, ambient or overhead mics. These mics have even been used in recording Foley for TV/Film. Our good friend Andrew Stone (Church On the Move / MxU) uses these as his audience mics which come in handy when time aligning a PA.

We offer special discounts to those who rent and decide to buy a pair of these M30s for themselves.


Type Condenser
Pickup Pattern Omni
Frequency Range 5Hz - 30kHz
SPL 140 dB

What’s Included

1 × 2- M30 Microphones
1 × 2- Mic Clips

$138.99 for 3 days

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