Earthworks DK25/L

Wired Microphones

A Drum Mic Kit That Only Needs 3 Reasons to Be Awesome

If you didn't already know Earthworks mics were created by David E. Blackmer also the creator of dbx. So you can imagine the precision in each and every Earthworks mic. So just imagine capturing a full drum kit with just 3 mics. Say that's all the channels you could spare for the drums on your smaller console. This kit will make you forget there are only three mics. Each of the mics in the DK25 drum mic kit are SR25 mics. These are all cardioid (directional) condensers with the same flat frequency response from 50Hz to 25kHz and the same max SPL of 145dB. These are meant to be used as 2 overheads and 1 kick mic by using a kick pad to attenuate the higher SPL signal from the kick drum. The results are astounding. Shoot, you don't have to rent this as a drum mic kit. If you are needing 3 SR25's this is the right thing to do.


Type Condenser
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 50Hz - 25kHz
Max SPL 145dB

What’s Included

3 × Earthworks SR25 Microphones
3 × Mic Clips
1 × Kick Pad
1 × Carrying Case

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